Inoxytech is a processor of stainless steel used in the construction, agricultural, food processing and medical industries.

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Unique in Stainless

Inoxytech is a premium processor of stainless steel with expert experience in the field of small commercial kitchens (snack bars, sandwich shops, pizzerias and pita shops) and construction (handrails, balustrades, stairs, etc.). Inoxytech is also an expert supplier of stainless steel fittings for bakeries, butcher shops and the fisheries and food processing industries. Because of the intrinsic qualities of stainless steel as a highly hygienic and robust material, we now also offer stainless steel furniture, wash basins, step-over benches, shelving, etc. for the medical and cleanroom industries.

Apart from manufacturing high-quality products, we also provide installation services. We offer a standard range of products for our main industries as well as custom solutions.
Our business is centred on our clients and their needs, and we always endeavour to find the perfect, high-quality solution to suit specific budgets and time constraints.

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